Monday, November 22, 2010

You make me defy my axis
Invert this little world I have made
My globe spins, blurring borders
Nothing is definite

This body quakes
Its fluids impure
Hot air and smoke
Pour from pores and cavities
The body politic is in anarchy

The chaos is declared over.
Ominously, you leave.
The shattered pieces are mended.
Sated with what you came for,
Order is restored---temporarily.

Again and again these forces
Invade and subjugate
Raise hell and exit
Eventually, hopelessly,
The world will remain upside down
Awaiting your entrance
To rectify your past.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Organic Souls

So concerned with what's natural
We all want to eat the god-food.
Gain energy from what we take
Unaltered from the earth.
Human intervention is sacrilege;
Foods blaspheme in the fridge.
The devout touch nothing,
That can cry.
That can fry.

No oils anoint,
Eat your god raw.
Mementos scattered,
Noticed in passing.
The haze of your charm
Distracts and lures
With such a sweet scent.
It's when you step away
That my eyes refocus.

A fleeting glimpse hidden,
Indicative of my past presence.
A late-night note left sitting.
Crumpled, torn, and smeared;
Weathered by the elements
Of your element.
Pictures taken and forgotten
Reemerge after reconciliation
Framed by low-light,
Dwarfed by waxy monoliths,
It stands obscured.
As is the nature of your way.

Choke Down What's On Your Plate

These fingers tap 
The words,
They stammer
On to the page.
Involuntary reflexes
Of the wracked nerves
Write out a stutter.
Who has ever heard of a tongue-tied typist?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Those who should be considered
Are often overlooked.
Overshadowed by those who
Have all the hooks,
Steal all the looks,
Having read all the books.
Master trappers who snare
With smiles.
Their hips hypnotize,
Showing such a swagger.
Boring into my skin,
Ignoring its thickness,
Like any bug pupates,
Naturally, strategically
Overwhelming my being
In a fit of passion,
A product of my addled mind,
An homonym is uttered;
Indicating my action
And breathing my desire.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We are all secret spy super heroes
Artifacts of past conquests line the walls
Of our lairs,
Our bases,
Our Fortresses of Family
We let our guard down
And show was behind the mask
Weaknesses shown behind
The weary eyes
That have seen much
Sleighing the credit score
Neighbor nemesises

In our holds,
We tremble to face reality.
Our masks cover much more than our flesh.
Foes we can't share with our comrades;
Insecurities that we cannot be saved from.
Our weaknesses, too strong to be fought.
Our comrades empower what renders us powerless.
Fiends masked as friends.

Our enclave possesses powers
--The power of amplification.
Words echo and encourage
hushed alliances.
Subterfuge and intrigue murmured,
Defying the noisy walls.
What grips us,
Expels us from cover.
Naked and vulnerable,
We hide our actions in the dark.
In the cold we take to the streets.
Like the children we are,
we hide under blankets of fog.
Evading monsters, we nervously inhale;
We tremble as we exhale smog.
These blankets make shitty capes.

Heroes and criminals.
Who never gets paid?