Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Love is a River pt. II

Love is a river
Not water from a faucet.
Not something you can
Turn on or off
or just wash your hands under
With some scented soap
That dries your skin.
No love is something else;
It's something you have to face
With no bridge to cross.
You have to roll up your pants
Or hike up your skirt,
And get a little wet.
Hell, and if it feels real good,
Submerge yourself
Like the good Reverend sang.
So why face it with trepidation?
Just approach with a sway in your hips
and maybe hold your breath
Just a little.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

You wouldn't even fit in my socks,
So before you say, "If I were in your shoes..."
Consider this:
You'd stumble on your first step forward,
And most likely trip with the next.
You'd fall out of them the moment you try
To turn the other cheek.
I just slip them in and go, whereas you
Would fumble with the laces.

My soles fit me because of the way I wear them
And the way I am, so don't bother to try and conform.