Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let's Raise Our Glasses of Hellfire

I never get jealous,
I always feel envy.
---My language reflects

Heathen at heart
I've got seven sins
And they'll kill ya.
I flirt with each one,
And on occasion
I make it a night.
Orgiastic atmosphere,
The prelude to Hell.
A menagerie of demons,
Ambassadors from each layer,
Possessing the mortal coils,

When I do that dive,
Plunging to the depths
The real party will start.
And there will be
All of my old friends flashing
Devilish grins my way.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cupid's bow is bent back
In the shape of your lips
Stealing my breath.
But there is no
Trigger-happy cherub
Hovering above,
Just the dust kicked up
From under the bed.
When all is done
Not all is said,
So we lay there
Lulling each other to sleep.
You, atop a pile of pillows
Like an ancient princess,
And I at your side, a slave
Eunuch who didn't make the cut.

Monday, January 2, 2012

We are all ghosts
In the memories of people
We once knew.
Ever changing
While never present,
We exist as nothing
More than specters
---Given fleeting glimpses
In the midst of daydreams.

When we manifest
We unveil reality,
Showing those people
What has transpired
Since the moment
We last met.
It's not just always
How we look but,
What we can do.
Show 'em what you learned.