Monday, April 18, 2011

Another year, another birthday
As of late I've had trouble answering
The question, "What do you want?"
And people are taken aback by my response.

"Peace of mind," I tell them.
They plead me to reconsider,
Telling me cost is not an issue.
That's part of the problem;
People feeling gratification
From the things they give,
And the things they get.
I don't want distraction--
Material subtracting my attention
Given to consideration of
All the years I have spent
With my toys spread out,
Consuming the realm I inhabit.

With growth I have found out,
Less is necessary. Space is scarce,
And as I fill into my world,
I require the room my objects occupy.
Left with all of my material on the outside.
I have neglected to pack away the things
That are truly precious.

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