Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Moon's Calling It a Night

Living a half-submerged existence,
A tide pool organism I am.
Taken away from my source,
I gasp for air at the Moonset.
Exposed to some sunrise silhouette,
Prancing on a family vacation.
She nagged her parents to pullover
So she could feel sand between her toes.
So she could greet the waves
And wake from passing boats.

Uncovering a cove behind brush,
Find our nook away from anglers' hooks
---She'll see our contented lives
Behind a carapace where we wear our face.
She shan't be squeamish to see the smile past my shell.
And when, or if, she does, she'll sigh with delight.
You wont find my flesh priced by weight but
You may still taste my sweetness.
A little bit more honey for your pot.

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