Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nobody seems to concerned with the amount of germs they keep
In their wallets, their pockets, their purses and clutches.
The filth that has touched their currency awakens no urgency
To keep their health priority number one. Contaminated
In so many ways they keep their eyes forward and thoughts out of mind.
Sick in body and spirit they continue to pass their contagions
With the belief that every transaction negates the last.
I'd say your money looks a little green but I'd just be stating the obvious.
Don't think me repulsive, just astute towards these infections festering.
Even the cleanest hands get tainted by this irreversible cash flow.
From the church collection plate to profiteering mongers.
From food to clothes to schools to war to taxes to caskets.
How many microbes inhabit your script?
Time to cleanse it with fire.

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