Sunday, April 8, 2012

We're those things that go bump in the night.

Adults talking in the other room, making decisions
---The ones that shape your life while you're trying to sleep.

Those twentysomethings humping, smashing hipbones
After shaking them to a beat with the backing of alcohol.

Teenagers sneaking in late, waking the dog who's glassy-eyed
And intrigued by the scent of your marijuana and beer scented pores.

Kids sneaking downstairs on Christmas morning long before dawn,
Creaking on that one wooden step, as they shift their weight on the tips of toes.

Cats knocking over the butter, and breaking the dish on the floor.
Drops, leaps, and counter-top bounds knocking around noise in the kitchen.

Shadows back-lit by the midnight snack housed in the refrigerator,
Pickle jars and beer bottles clinking and yawning.

Keep that noise down, people are trying to sleep.
Mute those night terrors.

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