Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ode To My Friend

Hello my neighborhood pusherman
You're always there on your corner,
Keeping me going with that stuff you sell.
Substances you push gives me a little shove
That helps me through my day.

You push those uppers in the morning,
Just a little bit of an eye opener.
You push those uppers in the evening,
Just so I can last through the night.
You push those uppers in between,
For every other occasion.

It is the caffeine in my coffee
That you provide at dawn.
It is the nicotine in my mouth
That stifles my nightly yawns.
It is the fuel in my tank
That feeds my engine's maw.

Although you are not special
---Your kind is ubiquitous
In our addiction-riddled society---
But you still smile and say,
"Hey Buddy! What's up?"
With a wink and a nudge.

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