Saturday, October 13, 2012

A boy born with a rain cloud
Perpetually over his head,
Now a man content in the gloom.

With his scowl laden face
People asked constantly,
"Are you alright?"
And with a spit and a half-smile
He's just nod and walk away.

Despite his outward conditions,
He knew happiness in bad weather.
Never in the Sun's shine,
The overcast was all he had,
And he was accustomed to his world
Viewed through grey-tinted glasses.

There was even a girl, born on Christmas
Into a world frigged yet warm.
Her eyes reflected the twinkling in the dark,
And this she carried with her all her life.

In the gloomy haze, the boy would walk
Without an umbrella as his cloud poured;
He ended droughts and never grew thirsty
On these walks that benefited everyone
But himself and his soggy shoes.

On a Winter's day he walked.
A patch of rain fall that never froze
Following the man down the road;
Among the snow fall he felt warm.
The sound of precipitation pulsing
Against his eardrums was met by song
Sung by a girl caroling for her birthday.
He stopped, soaking, he listened.
Their eyes met, and although
She never stopped singing
And he never stopped scowling
She knew he was alright,
And the reflection from her eyes
Shone in his. For a moment,
The rain had ceased to pour.

When that moment of understanding
Passed, her song had stopped
And he let out expectoration
As a drizzle accelerated into a storm.
She saw this, let out a hum
Produced an umbrella, and sang
To the strumming of his heartstrings
As they continued along the same path,
Sharing shelter and warmth.

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