Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Taking Shot That'll Make You Punch Drunk

You'll find me sitting in your corner,
With a towel around my neck,
Arms extended, holding a bucket of spit.
My mustache dances with long sighs
shifting whiskers towards the wind.
That last round was a close one;
I saw you stagger a few times.
Just remember to sidestep the bullshit
And swing when the time is right.
Maybe with a little finesse you might
Just turn around this helluva bout.

This is something you've got to do
And with all of my words of courage
And strength, I can't instill enough of either
In your shaken frame. So I just sit back
And watch as you slug it out.
I can't roll up my sleeves and say,
"It's okay, I've got this."

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