Saturday, December 3, 2011

Those legs of yours are mighty impressive.
Rooted strong in the earth of the world,
They stand up strong in the stormiest of weather.
They kick the snot out of your stress with a swift,
Hard, Thud! of your boot making direct contact
And then those legs will march away triumphantly.
They can run and climb with ease, giving great chase
To even the most evasive of dreams and desires.
And they can flee if need presents itself.
They walk as if they're skating on ice,
And they skate as if they're flying.
Lady, those legs embody grace,
Attributing to your beauty.

And now they ache.
Even something so strong needs to take a few punches,
Testing their boundaries, shaping some character.
A nice work-over of a work-out, preparing for the day
The whole world is carried on your back.

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