Tuesday, November 27, 2012

If I Could Just Reach Out

I look over at you on your sleepy island stranded
And I wish I could swim over to you from mine
But the gap is too wide and I don't want to risk
Awakening a Great White shark or a Colossal squid
Or some other maritime beast of larger than life stature

So I try to get you to arouse enough to notice
But you don't understand my semaphore
And the banners I run get lost in the glaring sunlight
And my voice is too faint to yell and too far to be heard
But I could turn to matches and start a fire
So maybe you can smell the smoke and see the flame
My burning may be hasty and poses risk of consuming
My everything of a life aging on this island deserted but I
But to see you I wish to remain free from flames scorching
Because they sear quicker than the Sun
Who has helped in hiding my blushing face in your brilliance
But it is now the Moon who I am relying to open a path
Hidden by tides a sandbar on which we can meet
And embrace until the sea douses our dawning bodies.

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