Sunday, November 4, 2012

When they woke, white was all they saw.
Anesthetic sleep causes an unnatural darkness.
A body disabled, traps the mind and binds it
Further in the depths of their consciousness.
Holding faint candlelight kindled by memories
And that  deeper-sounding voice the mind possesses.
They have temporarily stepped out of the physical,
And facing the complexities of their existence,
They seek familiarity in an exotic location.

The voices they hear sound faint,
Mumbles and whispers, of insignificant
Little conversations echoing in the void
Of cognizance; they make little sense
Only in cadence and intonation---
Most likely originating from remembrance,
But one is unsure of the permeable nature
Of this state of mind and the physical world.

Their vision is hazy and confused with imagination.
The eyes think they see a flicker in the distance
As if there were few stars on the horizon
The size of the candlelight they feel warming their chin.
They want to go towards the light and think to walk,
Instead they feel they are floating, but no matter
How far they perceive they go, they never gain distance
And the flickering never comes closer.
The only thing left is to hear their thoughts.

Whiteness taking the eyes in such a way
Shocks them back into the world, forgetting
Their dream state. It's almost a sensation
Not unlike that of birth, they feel lighter
With life to live, spared a moment of crisis
And a piece of that darkness explored
And cut out of their worries and replaced
By a little candlelight.

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